My Life as a Book, 2010

So after a week of being kind of grouchy and lame (which explains the lack of posts), I am bouncing back with this little exercise in time wasting that was actually pretty fun to do. It came to my attention via blogger/book reviewer Elizabeth A. White’s Musings of an All Purpose Monkey blog. She says:

Ok, you can blame this one on PopCultureNerd from Twitter. She has come up with a very clever meme in which you describe yourself by completing a set of sentences using only the titles of books you’ve read in 2010.

So here’s my list:

In high school I was: The Wheelman (Duane Swierczynski)

People might be surprised I’m: Nobody’s Angel (Jack Clark)

I will never be: Queenpin (Megan Abbott)

My fantasy job is to: Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire (Christa Faust)

At the end of a long day I need: Food Rules (Michael Pollan)

I hate it when I: Go to Helena Handbasket (Donna Moore)

Wish I had: The Art of Manliness (Brett and Kate McKay)

My family reunions are: A Bad Day for Pretty (Sophie Littlefield)

At a party you’d find me with: Savages (Don Winslow)

I’ve never been to: The Lost City of Z (David Grann)

A happy day includes: The Open Road (Pico Iyer)

Motto I live by: Be Ready When the Shit Goes Down (Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss)

On my bucket list: True Grit (Charles Portis)

In my next life, I want to be: A Fistful of Legends (Various)

You can check out Elizabeth’s list HERE, and the one who started it all, Popculturenerd’s list, HERE.

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  1. Chris

    >Elizabeth: I know, just writing them down gave me the giggles.PCN: Thanks! Manliness is, unfortunately, a day by day, moment by moment quest.What's really funny is the Motto book is easily the worst one of the bunch, but it's also a lot of fun. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to the easily offended, that's for sure.


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