My New Favorite Band

Tuesday night Julia and I went and saw The Mother Truckers at The Other Side. What an awesome band. They were opening for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, who came off kind of limp to me. There wasn’t much of a crowd; Danny G, bassist for the Truckers and a mutual friend of Julia and me, said it was the smallest crowd he’s ever seen for Clyne’s band. There were probably 100, 150 people there tops, which makes that humongous room look empty. This is a band that sells out the House of Blues in LA; and just about everywhere else, for that matter. Nice going, Missoula. I hear the Butte show ruled.

Here are a couple shots Danny took of us:


Danny is a guitar player, but plays bass in The Mother Truckers. He used to be in a band called Southern Gun Culture; Julia’s band Solid Donkey played with them in Tucson. I saw them in Columbus, OH, when they were on tour with Dixie Witch. He is one of the nicest guys you will meet, and it is awesome to see how things have worked out for him with the Truckers. He is making his living playing music, and that is a fantastic thing to see. Not a great living, mind you, but a living nonetheless. More power to him. The band — guitarist Josh Zee in particular — was recently featured in Guitar Player magazine. Danny said, “Ironic that I had to switch to bass to get my name and mug in Guitar Player magazine, but I’ll take it!”

What struck me as funny is the comments I got from some of the people there whom I know — mostly the staff working. They said things like, “I wouldn’t expect to see you here at this show!” Why? Because it’s not a metal show? That is what sucks about where Lazerwolfs get lumped in (though we seem to have fallen off the metal radar these days), people assume that is what we are all about. In reality, most of what passes as “metal” these days is awful. Dreadful. I get so much more pleasure from other musical forms than what most people who know me might think that it is laughable. The Mother Truckers were right up there with the best bands I’ve seen all year.

There is a lot I appreciate about this band. They play a style of country that is as much AC/DC as Hank Williams, which I love. The songwriting is nice and tight, the harmonies (male/female) are dead on, and the musicianship is stellar. The core of the band are singer/guitar player Josh Zee and singer/guitar/ukelele player, Teal Collins. The two share lead vocals. I’ve always been a fan of duel lead vocals, personally. But the highlights (besides them all being great people, and the bass player being a friend of mine) are definitely the Zee’s guitar playing and Teal’s vocals. The guitar playing just blows my mind, and there aren’t many people who really do that for me anymore. And Teal is about 5’nothing and has a voice about 8′ tall — just a great, great singer. There weren’t a lot of people there; most of the crowd that was there sat on their asses during their set, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a real energetic show. I just had a great time watching them. And Zee’s playing just ripped my face off. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Here are some pictures. You can see a slideshow of all the ones I uploaded to Flickr right here.


Here is the video to their song “Dynamite.” The guitar solo in this tune is one of the best I’ve heard all year. Dig it.

The Black Keys DVD

Speaking of music, the Black Keys DVD I mentioned the other day does not disappoint. There are some shots of the crowd where you can see the backs of our heads here and there. At the end of the show when Dan picks up his setlist, wads it into a ball and throws it into the crowd, it is my hand that emerges from the throng to catch it. And here is a screenshot, where Sid’s friend Will is featured prominently:

That’s another band I love. The DVD rocks too. What a great week for music.

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