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>This wasn’t the post I was going to make, but it can’t wait. I don’t know if you are familiar with MySpace, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it. LAZERWOLFS and TATER PIG have pages there because, for bands, it is actually reasonably useful (I am currently booking a ‘wolfs tour for a week this summer using it almost exclusively, for example). There is this function called Bulletins. The way they work is when you create them, they are displayed for all of the people in your Friends list to see. Most of it is useless dreck. Sometimes there is good stuff; show announcements, tour updates, record releases, etc. This one, though, defies description. This is from a guy from Minnesota who sent us a friend request a while back. I looked at his profile, saw it was plastered with a combination of pro-military awfulness and just some of the worst .jpg’s of that ilk you can imagine, but figured he was harmless because a lot of the music he liked seem to be similar to what the ‘wolfs are about. That, and he is right on the route of our tour, so I approved the request . . . because that’s how I roll (how a phrase can be so awful and so great at the same time escapes me). Thank god I had, or I would have missed this gem. It speaks for itself; the title, and formatting, are all his:

this is not a bitch or a train or anything else please read

about a week ago i got this friend request no pic just a name of sun luv
i did not answer it then i got a message from that pearson it was real grafic and slandered every thing about every one. so i sat and thought about this and the crap that was said. so some things that was said is i should take all the tributes to the millitary off they said who cares i do i care becuse that who iam then they went on about the music i listen to and the groups i have on myspace.so i like insane clown posse and hard core rock, blazze,twisted and all the other groups i have as friends.that made no sense to me at all.i let it go then igot a message back two days ago and the pearson said you have that meny friends and i bet you dont know any of them and to that all i can say is who ever is my friend i may not talk to you or know you pearsonly but i send you comments and chat a little that is how you become friends? this pearson started in about the war and how we should never have gottin involved so on and so fourth but they forgot one thin we were attacked and every on wanted us to go their for justice ya its hell we fight so that pearson can say and do what they want we gave that right to them but dont ever tell me that iam wroung for my page and take my tributets down if you were never their dont tell me about that crap see that pearson is one that will protest at a soldiers funneral thats why we have to have honor gaurds be their to stop the protest. but what makes me more mad is that that pearson said all your friends are of diffent types ya so they are my friends ya i dont know all of them pearsonly or their belifes or any thing else but what they say on their page but i still will defend them no matter what because thats what i was tought to dothe sad thing is this right now is what i do i cant go back to war i whis i could because thats what i belive in my brothers and sisters over their are fighting for us and this pearson wnts to condem me and said for what i have done i will go to hell well i was already their and ya i am hurting not by words but my own hell. but to my friends on my space i may not know you all and i love to get adds and comments and send them back to you i just cant belive this pearson they asked do you think you are one of those juggolos or vampire or gothic what are you they said well iam me iam all of the above ya my time here on this earth might be short because of the bleed i might have in my brain and the problems with the metal plates i have in my head but at least if i go i know that for some time i made a differnce to my country and my friends here and yes i would like to think iam a juggolo and avampire gothic but above all i was and always be my self if you all want to send something back thats cool i just wanted that pearson who sent that crap to me to know where iam comming from and ya i will stand behind each and every one of my friends on my space

P.S. Don’t think the irony of the top line of this wonderful image is lost on me after reading that bulletin post either, heh.

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  1. >Rebecca, I was thinking a juggalo was what fans of Insane Clown Posse call themselves, but I checked Wikkipedia to be sure. It says, among a bunch of other stuff:A Juggalo (male or female) or Juggalette (more commonly used for a female) is a member of the group that has grown up around the fanbase of the Michigan rap/horrorcore group Insane Clown Posse (ICP), and related recording artists at Psychopathic Records. Much of the predominant philosophy of the group stems from the Dark Carnival, a mythology that was carried as a theme in six ICP albums known as the 6 Joker’s Cards.I think you need to go to “The Gathering of the Juggalos ’08” and report back to us.Isorski, any bets on how long it took to type that thing out in the first place? It either took a real looong time or was cranked out in one manic, energy drink-fueled tirade.

  2. >you know, i’m all for informal internet speak and no capitalization and limited puncuation and all….but i couldn’t even read that all the way through.

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