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I’m happy to announce the first issue in 2012 of Needle: A Magazine of Noir is out; among a bunch of other top shelf writers, it includes my story “A Dog Named Buddy.” I’m pretty excited about this. First of all, Needle is an excellent publication, and it is one that, when I thought I’d start trying my hand at short fiction, I thought would be a great place to strive for getting placed in. Second, I’m happy with the evolution of my story. In its initial incarnation it didn’t really work; it was too predictable. After a re-write and some tinkering, though, it turned out pretty well. At least that’s how I remember it — it’s been some time since I actually read it. I’m going to hold off revisiting it until I get my copy of the magazine.

Anyway, I’d love it if you checked it out. You can order it HERE. I don’t know how long it will last, but if you include the keyword “marbooks12” at checkout you get 20% off. If you’ve never purchased one of the earlier issues, you’re missing out. These folks do an excellent job with this magazine, and believe me — they aren’t making a dime with it. Yet.

Here is the complete list of contributors:

Control by Matthew C. Funk
White Haze by Doc O’Donnell
Nine Hole Caddy by Scott Morse
Finn’s Missing Sister by Jen Conley
She Don’t Eat No Meat by Kent Gowran
Smothered and Covered by Tom Barlow
Haymaker by Nik Korpon
Empty Hours by Loren Eaton
Smiles by Jeffery Hess
The Spin Out by William Dylan Powell
Mistake by A.A. Garrison
Bad for Business by Carlos Orsi
Mr. Mockingbird Drive by Robert Swartwood
Push Comes to Shove by BV Lawson
Ordo ad Chao by Benoit Lelièvre
Right Where She Wants Him by Meriah L Crawford
A Dog Named Buddy by Chris La Tray
Paying It Off by Kieran Shea

Give it a look!


6 thoughts on “New Story Published

  1. Kent Gowran

    Congrats on getting your story in there, man. It’s a great magazine. Each issue seems to top the one that came before. A consistent and impressive job by Steve Weddle and his cohorts.


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