>Not a Lot ‘o Love

>I haven’t been doing much here lately, mainly because my interest has been looooow. It kind of feels like shouting into a canyon a little bit, or releasing a Lazerwolfs album. I don’t find much of what happens in my life all that interesting, so it’s hard to imagine other people caring much either. These days it seems life consists primarily of chauffering the family around, going to the gym to work out for god-knows-why since recent footage from our Big Sky show shows I am still a total lardass, and that’s about it.

I’ve thought about writing about the band going to Big Sky, because it’s a lot of fun. To make a long story short, about 6 or 7 years ago we were playing in Bozeman, and this guy approached us who really dug us and asked if we would come up and play Big Sky, the ski resort. Since then we have played there 6 times, and while not every one has been great, all but one have been at least very good, and a couple — including this one this past weekend — have been fantastic. We get treated very well; this time around we were provided a hotel room, dinner, and beer . . . and also got paid. It was pretty awesome to be able to hand Bubba a wad of cash the morning after, because I know he needs it. But is that particularly interesting to anyone? Probably not. Here are a couple pictures, though. First up we have a shot of the awful convenience store in Deer Lodge that is now surrounded by fake palm trees:

Here is our delicious pre-show feast. Nice perk, but damn was it still riding heavy in the gut come show time a few hours later. Following it is a shot of the beer cooler, which was actually for all three bands who played, but the bar staff were dedicated to keeping it full. Bubba can’t drink, I didn’t drink much, and Jimmy kept things under control as well, so we weren’t particularly draining on their bar take. Nonetheless, it was awesome of them. Most places give out 2 or 3 drink tickets, if we’re lucky.

Next up are a couple shots of us just hanging out in the hotel room. It was only like 58 degrees in the room when we got there. It was -24 in the Bozeman area, but warmed up to a balmy -3 or so when we got to Big Sky; it was about -10 when we were loading up afterwards.

There are a few more shots on my flickr page, which you can check out HERE if you’re interested. Oh yeah, and though I didn’t get any real pictures, here is the wildlife count:

2 bald eagles hopping around on a frozen river, eating something dead on the ice
– A couple herds of deer, seen in various spots along the way, including an impressive buck
– A herd of elk
– A couple miles farther along, a bigass bull elk
– A handful of bighorn sheep
1 coyote (I love seeing coyotes, I always consider it a good omen)
– Lots of ducks and other birds

Now This is Funny

I’ve never heard of this site before, but I was directed to the following post, which cracks me the hell up, because it sounds like the stupid kind of shit my friends and I would do waaaay back when time was meaningless and youth seemed eternal:

motorbikes, imaginary

We had developed a habit of riding invisible motorcycles around the corridors of our secondary school, accompanied by sound effects. As this was done without regard for the health & safety of non-participants, the headmaster saw fit to ban the practice.

One day he had caught Kenneth Keene and James Spencer joyriding in the corridor, and was in the middle of giving them a ticking off when another ‘biker’ came tearing past them. The furious head shouted at Ken to go after the boy and bring him back, so Ken climbed on his imaginary bike, kickstarted it and roared off in hot pursuit.

If I don’t post again in the near future, which I probably won’t, I hope anyone who reads this has a blessed and warm holiday season!

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  1. >don’t get buried in the snow! and keep hitting the gym whether it seems like you’re making progress or not! it all adds up. (i keep telling myself the same thing). i enjoy your posts even if i hardly comment. i’m a lurker. happy holidays!

  2. >Hey Chris – I too have hit a wall with the blog before. You know – why the hell am I doing this, who is reading, does it matter? But for what it’s worth, I love reading your posts. I think you are a witty writer and I really enjoy the blog. The Big Sky post was cool for me because I played that town one time back in the mid 90s and have great memories from it. Keep up the great work and happy new year to you and yours!

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