Off the Record: A Charity Anthology

A new anthology just hit the universe today, and I have a short story in it; a flash fiction piece, really. It’s called Off the Record: A Charity Anthology. Dig the Product Details:

‘Hitmen, cons, winos, bag snatchers, killers and psychos, the wronged, the vengeful and the damned, all darken the pages off this superior crime anthology. Off The Record is seriously cool.’ – Howard Linskey, Author of The Drop, named in The Times best reads of 2011

38 writers, 38 short stories based on classic song titles…

The best writers from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, come together to produce an anthology of short stories, with all proceeds being donated to two Children’s Literacy charities.

In the UK, National Literacy Trust. (

In the US, Children’s Literacy Initiative. (

Stories from –

1.Neil White – Stairway To Heaven

2.Col Bury – Respect

3.Steve Mosby – God Moving Over The Face Of Waters

4.Les Edgerton – Small Change

5.Heath Lowrance – I Wanna Be Your Dog

6.AJ Hayes – Light My Fire

7.Sean Patrick Reardon – Redemption Song

8.Ian Ayris – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

9.Nick Triplow – A New England

10.Charlie Wade – Sheila Take A Bow

11.Iain Rowan – Purple Haze

12.Thomas Pluck – Free Bird

13.Matthew C. Funk – Venus In Furs

14.R Thomas Brown – Dock Of The Bay

15.Chris Rhatigan – Shadowboxer

16.Patti Abbott – Roll Me Away

17.Chad Rhorbacher – I Wanna Be Sedated

18.Court Merrigan – Back In Black

19.Paul D. Brazill – Life On Mars?

20.Nick Boldock – Superstition

21.Vic Watson – Bye Bye Baby

22.Benoit Lelievre – Blood On The Dancefloor

23.Ron Earl Phillips – American Pie

24.Chris La Tray – Detroit Rock City

25.Nigel Bird – Super Trouper

26.Pete Sortwell – So Low, So High

27.Julie Morrigan – Behind Blue Eyes

28.David Barber – Paranoid

29.McDroll – Nights In White Satin

30.Cath Bore – Be My Baby

31.Eric Beetner – California Dreamin’

32.Steve Weddle – A Day In The Life

33.Darren Sant – Karma Police

34.Simon Logan – Smells Like Teen Spirit

35.Luca Veste – Comfortably Numb

36.Nick Quantrill – Death Or Glory

37.Helen FitzGerald – Two Little Boys

38.Ray Banks – God Only Knows

With forewords from UK writer Matt Hilton, and US writer Anthony Neil Smith

It’s out for Kindle right now, on Smashwords ( to support other readers), and a print version coming soon. Can’t wait — this is some good stuff.

One may wonder how a guy like me gets involved. Well, when you see one of the early lists of the lineup and songs, you email the editor, a charming fellow on the other side of the planet by the name of Luca Veste, and tell him he is mad if he thinks he can fill an anthology of stories based on classic rock song titles and not include a KISS song. So then he say, “Oh yeah, well whadda ya got?”

So here we are.

Here is an excerpt from “Detroit Rock City,” my contribution:

Curly was happy his mother hadn’t lived to see how his life turned out. After all, she’d had such high hopes for him as a child.

“You’re something special,” she always said. “I just know someday you gonna be a star, child.”

Funny the things you think about, Curly thought. His mother’s predictions seemed so ludicrous to him now that he had to laugh, even when he knew he was about to die.

It wasn’t anything they had not done many times before. He and Jean — she was Bonnie to his Clyde, she claimed — had knocked over countless gas stations and convenience stores. Hell, they’d even stooped to cleaning out the occasional roadside fruit stand. Things had always gone smoothly, and any ensuing violence was more a matter of them choosing to spice things up than anything really going awry. Just like anyone else on a night out, they might start out with a little drink, then maybe some smoke. After that, whatever happened, happened.

The pair never planned much.

Looks good on iPad too!

Hope you can check it out!

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