>Off the Road Again

>We successfully completed the big LAZERWOLFS tour when we arrived home last night. We got in @ 7:30 PM when Jimmy dropped Sid and I off in front of The Wilma so that we could see the big Supersuckers/Nashville Pussy/Reverend Horton Heat show (which was friggin’ great).

Over the course of 7 nights and 6 days we played 5 shows, drove over 4300 miles, played to crowds both largish and small, sweated like pregnant brides at a Catholic wedding, played weird venues, played cool venues, endured annoying drunks, enjoyed seeing old friends, felt grateful for people who showed up just as they promised to, got irritated at people who didn’t show up but promised to, ate horrible food, cracked awful jokes, never once got to bed before 3 AM, ate wretchedly, slept fitfully, and, most of all, had a blast. Sid did a hell of a job on drums for us. I’ll be writing more about it later, maybe — I’m brain fried today — but for now here are just a couple pictures.

Sid Learns Girls are Different From Boys, The Nestor Tavern, Fargo, ND

Backstage @ The Corral Room, Madison, WI

You think it’s easy playing drums every night when you are just a tender little kid? I’m wondering if my vocal chords look anything like this. . . .

Parting Ways

We did 3 out of the 5 shows with our friends the Vibrolas from Kentucky. They are a great band, and even better people to hang around with.

Touring his hard work, but it beats the hell out of the day-to-day bullshit. Somehow, despite everything else, when the rock starts nothing else matters, and I love that. It is good to be home, though. Very good, indeed.

Grainy, uncredited surveillance photo from The Nestor, Fargo, ND

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  1. >April — There are links to the two bands I am in on the right side of this blog, and both of those sites have MP3s. Sid plays on the Tater Pig tracks. And yes, it is cool playing music with the little fella.Rebecca — It’s his own damn fault. We told him leading up to the tour he should tape his fingers, as they started getting raw in rehearsals. He didn’t finally agree to it until the last show of the tour, after which he said, “I wish I’d done that earlier.” Kids these days. . . .

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