>Okay, So These People May Swing My Vote Back to the Turror’st

>Ah, lovely Strongsville, OH. I think I spent a night there after seeing Fu Manchu rock out in Cleveland. This pretty well encapsulates a big part of what I loathed about living in Ohio. I can’t wait to send my home office a “Thank you, Ohio!” card when they don’t vote for McCain. Of course, that will probably get me fired.

And then there are these people. I think you really have to work to be as friggin’ ignorant as these folks, it can’t just happen on its own, can it? I mean, I’m pretty hateful and misanthropic, but these folks blow me out of the water.

4 thoughts on “>Okay, So These People May Swing My Vote Back to the Turror’st”

  1. >sadly, i think a lot of the hatred that comes from those people is a product of religion. that, and bigorty. racism is still alive and well, whether people want to admit it or not. and religion makes people really fearful. i doubt there are many science-minded/atheist/pagans/secularist people who think obama is a terrorist. i would bet that most of the people in that clip would identify as “conservative Christians.” just a thought. i could be wrong.

  2. >April, I can definitely speak for racism — and misogyny, being rampant in Ohio. That is what shocked me the most when I was out there. I’m not saying there isn’t racism out here — it was particularly apparent when I was living in Ronan toward the Tribe — but in Ohio it was something totally different.

  3. >That was hilarious. “When did you first hear about Barack Obama?””Uh, this year.””Really?”(defensively) “Well, yeah.””So, when did you first hear about Sarah Palin?””Ten years ago!”

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