Oklahoma Here I Come

Heading to Tulsa, OK, this morning; meeting my folks for my usual trip kick-off breakfast in about an hour. I was doing a little research on where I’ve been in Tulsa in the past, and found this old post from back in August ’09. It was written about the exact same customer site I’m headed to today.

Back off, Banner!

Got some lawn mowing done last night, then it rained. It was beautiful. I took some pictures. I’m pretty happy with how they look. Check them out HERE.


7 thoughts on “Oklahoma Here I Come

  1. David Barber

    Have a great trip. Great photos, Chris. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass when it’s been rained on. I’ll bet there’s been some rocking BBQ’s happened in that garden!

    Great new blog, mate. Any pointers you can give me (email: david_barber2001@yahoo.co.uk) on transferring old posts etc onto a WordPress blog would be appreciated. Sick of Blogger at the mo. Thanks in advance. (I know, cheeky Brit!!) πŸ™‚

    1. chrislatray Post author

      David, there wasn’t any magic to importing from Blogger. There is an import function in the WordPress dashboard, and it was a snap to upload 3 years worth of posts. The formatting is a little off (look at one of my posts from a couple weeks ago to see what I mean — I’ve “fixed” the more recent ones), but nothing drastic. I was pleasantly surprised, to be honest with you.

  2. chrislatray Post author

    Charles, I think the reason you are seeing that is it can take up to 72 hours for all the DNS stuff to sort itself out, and it’s only been 24 so far. Should be squared away here in the next couple days or so.


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