>Once More into the Breach

>Sunday night is usually Lazerwolfs’ practice night, but we aren’t throwing down on account of our guitar player being out of town. I don’t mind too much; all it means is that the show we are doing next Sunday will be pulled out of our collectively unrehearsed asses, since we haven’t practiced much at all lately. It won’t be the first time, believe me.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Sacramento, CA, and drive up to Yuba City to do an installation. After about 4 weeks in a row of travel I’m getting a little burned out, but I always enjoy going to California. And considering the weather forecast, and that I expect an easy project, I should be able to get in some great Autumn hiking. I’m looking forward to that! My camera is already packed.

Today was a beautiful fall day in Missoula. I was outside pretty much all day, but never had my camera with me. Took the little bastards to the Bark Park, which was overrun with small dogs and a couple big ones that Bernard was determined to throw a hump on, then went for a hike up the Rattlesnake. This afternoon I decided to conquer the “M” with my camera. Here are a few shots from that expedition:

Damn, if it wasn’t a hard climb getting up there, though. It felt good at least.

Yet More Genius from Derek Chatwood

THIS is so awesome.

Austin Wrap-Up

I survived my trip to Texas. I didn’t see any live music because I wimped out, but dammit if I didn’t eat like a man on his last meal, multiple times. By Thursday I was telling myself I needed to fast, then these guys took me to a BBQ place for lunch that looked exactly like this (photo courtesy of my friend, Rebecca, who is also the person who attempted to assassinate me gastronomically by making dining suggestions for this trip):

On the one hand it looked delicious, but on the other it looked obscene. I had hardly recovered when I found myself at a place called The Shady Grove. This was one of my favorite places I’ve eaten at, particularly on a trip, ever. It was getting dark and it was warm enough to sit outside, so the lights and everything hanging from the trees were very cool. I feasted once again until I thought I would die, but it was worth it. There’s always time tomorrow to start a diet, right?

Speaking of diets, I will close with a shot of another creature that needs to go on a diet:

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