One of Many Reasons I’m a Misanthrope

This is why I hate people, summertime, and nice weather.

The last two evenings I’ve been down to the river with my dog, the main beach has been overrun by loud, sunburned meatheads and their hangers-on. Not the same groups, just two different versions of the same basic mouth breather. I skirt the beach when that happens, just to avoid whatever is going on. Today I ventured out in the morning before the place gets overrun just to have some peace, which is the reason I go there in the first place. This is what I found there.


Illegal fire built using logs and branches torn from the surrounding area. Charred beer cans in and around the scorched patch. Cigarette butts. Various assorted other bits and pieces of trash. I wish these people would just set themselves on fire instead.

It’s why I love cold and clouds and shitty weather. It keeps people like this inside watching television and ruining their own shit. As if I wasn’t enough of a seething cauldron of rage as it is, for crissakes. I think I am going to retire socially until the weather matches my demeanor.

Author: Chris

Chris La Tray is a writer, a walker, and a photographer. He is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians and lives in Missoula, MT.

6 thoughts on “One of Many Reasons I’m a Misanthrope”

  1. What a nice piece of scenery to greet the beginning of the day. 🙁 At least you don’t have the youngsters zooming around the suburban landscape on their quads at all hours of the day.

  2. That just pisses me off. Why do they even go to a beautiful place if they’re gonna trash it up like that? It’s not their fucking back yard, it’s public – or for everyone – space. If they can’t respect it, keep it nice they should stay the hell away. But then they probably shit in their own yard too.

    Sorry for the language, Chris, but I too have a lot of tick-off in my head these days.

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