>One of the Best Things About California

>Say what you want about jackass caravans of them migrating east to mess up our beautiful state, but you can’t say anything bad about this gift Californians have given the world.

Mmmmmmmm, MMMm.

Paying the Bills

The place I am working at this week is cool enough, though the room I spent most of my entire day in left a little to be desired; don’t you wish you could travel all over the damn country just for the opportunity to spend your days in cells like this?

These guys build a machine called the “Shaker Maker.” It grabs a tree, shakes everything out of it (walnuts, almonds, fruit, whatever), and moves along; like 7 trees per minute. They build something like 150 of these things per year, and are growing.

Not only that, but they’ve got the coolest golf cart I’ve ever seen.

Wow, as I write this, Sherman Alexie is on Colbert. He’s actually doing a good job playing off Colbert’s shtick; the guy is sharp. He used to be one of my favorite authors, but I’ve lost a little interest with each of his latest books.

Let me close by saying I’m utterly sick of Seth “I only play one character” Rogen. I think I pretty much hate Kevin Smith now too, despite the fact he was a kickass comic book writer. I hope their new movie tanks; but it probably won’t. Jesus, I should go get another one of those burgers to save my good mood.

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