One-Sentence Journal, January 2018

Changing things up a bit for how I post these, but it’s the same old thing.

  1. 01/01/2018:  Opening the curtains on the first morning of the new year, a northern flicker eyes me from the bush outside my window as if to say, “Good morning, thanks for breakfast.”
  2. 01/02/2018:  The yoke rests lighter on the laboring neck after a day or two of rest and recuperation.
  3. 01/03/2018:  A writer who strives not to “alienate” any readers isn’t making art, but merely chasing commerce.
  4. 01/04/2018:  A room crammed with people slain masterfully by the legendary James Lee Burke show.
  5. 01/05/2018:  Social anxiety, that craftiest of devils, pounced from the shadows and bloodily tore the best of me clean out.
  6. 01/06/2018:  Productivity is a useful salve for many existential sores.
  7. 01/07/2018:  The fallacy of this entire self image of being some hard, weathered, cold-defying throwback Man of the North is no more apparent than when I am sprawled in a warm, cozy bed, surly at the notion of needing to unwrap from the flannel sheets and face the day.
  8. 01/08/2018:  The relentless push-pull between getting up and doing what I know is good for me versus staying in bed for two more hours.
  9. 01/09/2018:  In the dark gray light of a dim morning, I stand on my front porch tracking the whistle of duck wings from a passing flock, but the birds remain invisible.
  10. 01/10/2018:  I made the best of time spent indoors, but the day still pales in comparison to those spent out under the unimpeded sky and sunlight.
  11. 01/11/2018:  Downsizing the singular obnoxious feline’s litter box, a local feral child, from her perch atop a heap of plowed snow, observes me en route to the garbage can with the old plastic tray and asks if she and her friend may have it to use as a sled, and I, glancing at the foul, crusty, unscraped innards, suggest it’s probably not a good idea.
  12. 01/12/2018:  Snow, clouds, and the company of 1000 Buddhas.
  13. 01/13/2018:  Daylight starting to hang on a little longer, a great horned owl calls through the trees at an hour that two weeks ago would have been in complete darkness.
  14. 01/14/2018:  A downright balmy afternoon saunter, post-holing through crusty snow, following the tracks of deer and game birds.
  15. 01/15/2018:  Night driving, a great horned owl in the road that I’m alert enough to avoid hitting, and my universe breathes a heavy sigh of relief at the closeness of the call.
  16. 01/16/2018:  A submission, mostly poetry, in the wind.
  17. 01/17/2018:  It’s a Russell Rodeo when the 6mo pup slips the front door.
  18. 01/18/2018:  Light rain coating every surface in a thin layer of ice, birds twittering and fluttering their wings, the whirr of warm air forced through the furnace ducts, and the scraping scissor of a set of Fiskars marched through silk across a tabletop in the next room.
  19. 01/19/2018:  If I had failed so magnificently and, most importantly, with such a high degree of dishonesty as our representatives in Washington D.C. do, at any job I’ve held at any point in my life, I would likely either be homeless or still living off the generosity of disappointed parents.
  20. 01/20/2018:  I was in a hoodie and boxer shorts all day today, never left the house except to feed the birds, and accomplished little more than a welcome reboot.
  21. 01/21/2018:  I think smashing the patriarchy is going to require more than just politely keeping to the sidewalks because it’s “against the rules” to take six blocks and thirty minutes downtown and march right down the middle of the fucking street, disrupting traffic, cops or no cops.
  22. 01/22/2018:  The cool I lost was quickly found, though not without the lingering shame of regret.
  23. 01/23/2018:  Tales on the radio of bureaucracy amok makes me crazy, when a solution can be as simple as someone taking a short walk down a hallway with a set of keys, paperwork or not, to free a man held unjustly.
  24. 01/24/2018:  Serving the task sometimes comes with a fair amount of exercise.
  25. 01/25/2018:  I thought a decal in the back window of a pickup was the silhouette of a bird of some kind until, after puzzling over the details for several moments I realized it was not a bird, but a skull wearing an army helmet.
  26. 01/26/2018:  A drunken birthday reveler is forcibly removed from the movie theater and, even an hour later, the hallways outside buzz with excitement once the auditorium lets out.
  27. 01/27/2018:  Contained in the confines of a fenced-in baseball diamond,  snow drifting in the air to cover a crust hard enough to walk on, I found a lot of joy in playing chase and keep-away with Bucky and Cheeto via a hard roll of rawhide.
  28. 01/28/2018:  The snowstorm abated before my walk and left me to my disappointment.
  29. 01/29/2018:  The curtain is closing all too quickly on the day, but an evening workout got the blood pumping and renewed my vigor for getting at least a couple things done.
  30. 01/30/2018:  A sore throat and sniffle arrive just in time for a long awaited multi-day road trip.
  31. 01/31/2018:  Two years since the last time I packed for a trip that involved air travel, something which at that time was old routine, and I can’t help but fret over that critical thing I’m surely forgetting to put in my bag.


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  1. bardontheroam

    I particularly love “Productivity is a useful salve for many existential sores.” Indeed. And I need Buddha time soon! Safe travels wherever your journey takes you.


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