One-Sentence Journal, Week Eighteen

  1. 10/28/2013:  Second night of the first back-to-back instances of band practice since forever, and it actually sounded halfway decent.
  2. 10/29/2013:  I spent an hour in a bar watching opening night NBA basketball — Heat vs. Bulls — and was amused to see a table of guys hanging on every trip down the court as if it were game seven of the finals, their LeBron James hatred clearly in postseason form.
  3. 10/31/2013:  A planned quiet evening of Samhain reflection turned into a blast of rock n’ roll mayhem when I was summoned to the VFW to climb onstage and bellow out a couple KISS songs with the Boy’s band.
  4. 11/01/2013:  The workday was a struggle to get through after a late night/early morning, but I rallied to join Julia for the First Friday art walk which featured some of her projects as part of the “Employee Art Show” at Betty’s Divine.
  5. 11/02/2013:  Sitting by the river as dusk settles, lights coming on downtown, two kingfishers sitting on the wire above me.
  6. 11/03/2013: Sunday sitting around doing nothing recovery day.



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