One-Sentence Journal, Week Fifteen

  1. 10/07/2013:  Thick frost on the front lawn, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, mist rising in a thick cloud along the curves of the river, beeves in the field, and bright sunlight sparkling on the straight rows of the final cut of summer alfalfa.
  2. 10/09/2013:  I spent a productive evening finishing up a series of fashion articles the Missoulian hired Julia and I to write for a special insert, the first opportunity I’ve had to put my byline in that publication.
  3. 10/10/2013:  Julia’s Uncle Robin, a fishing guide in Bozeman, was here helping her build a fly rod, after which we over-indulged at Mackenzie River Pizza while he regaled us with stories of some of his more dubious clients.
  4. 10/11/2013:  An exhausting day helping Julia pull off her latest big fashion project, Order of the Red Antler, culminating with pretty much a smashing success.
  5. 10/12/2013:  I finally got to spend a few hours at this year’s edition of the Montana Festival of the Book, where I learned more about my Indian heritage in fifteen minutes than I had in all my years previous, shook hands with a few other writers, then solidified a friendship with Montana writer John Clayton over beers at Flipper’s.
  6. 10/13/2013:  Today’s otherwise positive events were marred by the news that my friend Aaron Draplin’s father, a man I was eager to meet here in a couple days, has unexpectedly passed away.


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