One-Sentence Journal, Week Fifty

  1. 10/25/2015:  From the “some of my favorite sounds” department: The thunder of little paws against dry trail as Darla the Adventure Dog comes running up to and past me, her breath coming in huffs.
  2. 10/26/2015:  Early morning yoga followed by a midday boxing workout, then evening band practice, and I’m pretty well spent.
  3. 10/27/2015:  I’ve been spending more time socially, camera in hand — such as an evening session with my friend Emily along Rattlesnake Creek — and it is as enjoyable as anything I’ve ever done, particularly when friendships open up a little and those stories that make people unique emerge.
  4. 10/28/2015:  For the first time this fall the morning was brittle with silver frost, the mist settled on the riverbanks like breath, and I managed to catch a kingfisher with my camera for a single snap of the shutter before it flew away, staggering through the air as they do.
  5. 10/29/2015:  Today is the one-year anniversary of my first class of Bikram yoga.
  6. 10/30/2015:  One year ago today my dad died and I think of him every day, often in ways I wish I had while he was living.
  7. 10/31/2015:  I’ve been witnessing it my entire life, but it still amazes me how in the evenings the woods and thickets seem to empty out and suddenly the fields are full of deer.


2 thoughts on “One-Sentence Journal, Week Fifty

  1. Patti Abbott

    It is hard to believe we live in the same country, reading this. Someday I will turn up on your porch for a walk.


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