One-Sentence Journal, Week Forty-Seven

  1. 10/04/2015:  A crisp, brilliant fall day in Missoula, and I abandoned a couple responsibilities if only to spend some extra time out of doors, and I’m a better man for it.
  2. 10/05/2015:  Shot down in the parking lot requesting to take a photograph of my favorite garage attendant, and it only makes the story I have created for her in my mind all the more perfect.
  3. 10/06/2015:  Today was one of those where it felt like the irritations of the (not) soon (enough) to be ex-day job will ever end, that these tasks are my own boulder to endlessly nose uphill again and again for all eternity . . . but then that dark cloud passes and I can feel all this melodrama ooze out of me like the sweat that makes vile smelling pools on my filthy yoga mat.
  4. 10/07/2015:  Clouds moved in just in time for a rainy, blustery afternoon, a turn of events as welcome as anything in recent memory.
  5. 10/08/2015:  Stayed up late to play the first American Falcon show since February, for minimal people, and I felt old, out of breath, and completely washed-up.
  6. 10/09/2015:  Got home at 2:00 AM, back up at 5:00 AM for early yoga (just to have it over with), then napped a little before closing out the evening with a two-hour hangout at the Betty’s Divine Birthday Pizza Party, an event I planned to allow twenty minutes for but happily decided to remain until the damn thing shut down.
  7. 10/10/2015:  I’m beginning to worry about myself because I attended two social events today — Seth Kantner at Fact & fiction in the afternoon, then the annual Octoberfest Party at Mt. McQuilken — and enjoyed the hell out of both of them.
Aimee McQuilken's Celebratory Pizza

Aimee McQuilken’s Celebratory Pizza

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