One-Sentence Journal, Week Forty-Six

  1. 09/27/2015:  Ominous red moon eclipse outside my window and in the dark fields beyond the coyotes begin to howl.
  2. 09/28/2015:  Mid-morning saunters the new routine for Darla the Adventure Dog and I, what with evenings getting darker two hours earlier, and for the first time in months our exhalations left clouds of breath floating in the air.
  3. 09/29/2015:  Two beautiful kingfishers — one of my favorite birds — at the river this morning and me, like an idiot (for the nth time), without my camera.
  4. 09/30/2015:  I fell asleep sitting upright on the futon in the studio this afternoon and spasmed awake almost two hours later, utterly disoriented, full of deep anxiety that at that moment I was supposed to be somewhere else doing something incredibly important.
  5. 10/01/2015:  First studio shoot in some time that wasn’t just me farting around, and I was reminded I need to be practicing this stuff much more than I have been, even if it is just a second tier skill I hope to earn.
  6. 10/02/2015:  I stayed up late in order to attend my son’s band’s debut CD release, and as much as I feel at odds with music these days, I had a great time sharing the event — and one song on stage — with them.
  7. 10/03/2015:  Today was the first kind of slow, spend-most-of-the-day-indoors-at-home kind of days that I’ve had in what seems like forever, and it felt fantastic.


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