One-Sentence Journal, Week Fourteen

  1. 10/01/2013:  So it turns out the two dogs across the street, whom we had referred to as “Kudzoo” and “Kobold,” are actually named “Jasmine” and “Chanse” (sp? phonetically ‘Shawn Say’), respectively.
  2. 10/02/2013:  While watching a baseball game on TV tonight for a while, I wondered: with all the commercials for investments management, $50K cars and trucks, and viagra pills, how many of the audience are of an income bracket for that shit to even be relevant?
  3. 10/03/2013:  From the “who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” department, I feel like every photo session I do means the arcane language of the art form becomes a little less mysterious.
  4. 10/04/2013:  Julia claimed she’d never seen the cinema classic Stripes, so we watched it; it brought back a flood of memories, and it startled me, for better or worse, to realize how much various scenes and lines have become permanent elements of my social lexicon.
  5. 10/05/2013: Besides closing out the day watching another movie with my best girl (tonight: the excellent, low budget, Monsters), it’s difficult, as I write, to really even remember what the day really entailed, beyond knowing I was in an excellent mood from wire to wire; always a rare and wonderful thing.
  6. 10/06/2013:  I almost got lazy and didn’t follow through on a plan to hike this morning, but I shrugged off the lure to spend another day on my ass and got out over some good dirt and pine needles, with sun, blue sky, and myriad pines to watch from above as I labored along, thankful that, for a couple hours at least, I had defeated my inner sloth.


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