One-Sentence Journal, Week Nine

My friend (and author of the excellent, and essential, novel Fobbit) David Abrams gave a nice shout out to One-Sentence Journal last week on his literary blog, “The Quivering Pen.” It’s nice to be noticed, and I appreciated it very much. This is one of the things I do with this blog that I’ve actually come to really enjoy, so the recognition that it even exists makes me pretty happy. Now, on to what was a very busy week. . . .

  1. 08/26/2013:  I’m staying in a hotel I drove by for the first time about 27 years ago when my buddies and I moved to Renton, WA to make it as rock stars in Seattle.
  2. 08/27/2013:  I’ll take quick travel one time zone west to two time zones east any day.
  3. 08/28/2013:  A grueling eight mile round trip hike up and down Mount Si in North Bend today, and my legs are already promising rebellion tomorrow.
  4. 08/29/2013:  The older I get, the more I find driving at night in big game country to be a white-knuckle affair.
  5. 08/30/2013:  Today’s culmination of a lifelong dream to visit the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn will go down as one of my life’s highlights.
  6. 08/31/2013:  A morning fishing trip on the Yellowstone outside Livingston turned into an afternoon fishing trip on the Madison near Ennis . . . with a moose in attendance.
  7. 09/01/2013:  I finished reading Kerouac’s Big Sur, and I have to say his depiction of life among the Beats in San Francisco sounds much less fun and interesting than life among the writers and artists that comprised that whole Livingston, MT scene from the 70s, particularly as depicted in Toby Thompson’s essay collection, Riding the Rough String.


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