One-Sentence Journal, Week Sixty-Nine

  1. 04/17/2016:  One of the often-overlooked benefits of chocolate ice cream is that if it is slopped on one’s shirt, after it dries it looks like a bloodstain, providing ample opportunities for — if it is remarked on — delivering the classic, “Yeah, well you should see the other guy!” line.
  2. 04/18/2016:  An encounter near the river with a tiny Northern Saw-whet Owl ranks among the best experiences of awe and wonder I’ve had in the woods.
  3. 04/19/2016:  I’m still reflecting quite a bit on the owl last night, the importance of showing up again and again for one’s passions, and how rewarding interacting with the like-minded can be.
  4. 04/20/2016:  An appropriate day to be reminded that I must have been high to think I could successfully photograph the type of event I tried to shoot tonight.
  5. 04/21/2016:  Epic band practice to see how ready we are for next week’s quick multi-show road trip, and it felt good to realize we are in better than adequate form.
  6. 04/22/2016:  I set up this little guerrilla photo studio on the sidewalk downtown this afternoon to shoot portraits, an idea I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now, and it worked perfectly.
  7. 04/23/2016:  The updated version of Disney’s The Jungle Book, which has been well-reviewed, turned out to be better even than I’d hoped.



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