One-Sentence Journal, Week Thirty-One

  1. 04/29/2014:  There’s much I like about Los Angeles, yet it’s also an infestation of humanity that pretty much boggles my mind every time I visit.
  2. 04/30/2014:  I hiked an area tonight called Turnbull Canyon, an area rumored to be the haunt of, among other things, bands of bloodthirsty Satanists.
  3. 05/01/2014:  Driving south on California 1 through Malibu tonight I saw the aftermath of a very expensive multi-car fender bender based on the likely repair costs of all the fancy vehicles involved.
  4. 05/02/2014:  A morning walk which I expected to be a loop turned into a meandering trip through a maze of walled-off streets and alleys clearly meant to keep the riff-raff away from all the fancy hotels in the area.
  5. 05/03/2014:  Saturday driving around taking photographs, periods of sun and rain, baseball on the radio.
  6. 05/04/2014:  It was a rare Sunday where Julia didn’t have to work, and we put it to use cranking out the finishing touches on a few art projects; working in separate rooms, but still connected by the effort, is a good time.
  7. 05/05/2014:  I’m not ashamed to say I think I could eat my weight in hot dogs from Five Guys.

Author: Chris

Chris La Tray is a writer, a walker, and a photographer. He is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians and lives in Missoula, MT.

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    1. It’s an interesting place, no doubt about it. Don’t see how so many people can spend so many hours in traffic every day, though. Jeez.

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