One-Sentence Journal, Week Thirty-Seven

  1. 09/29/2014:  Hitting my favorite haunts after an uneventful travel day to Minneapolis, one of the few opportunities for a direct flight, and I’m reminded how beautiful one of the women who works at Birchbark Books is, who I believe is also Louise Erdrich’s daughter.
  2. 09/30/2014:  I wonder if the first person to ever write one of those Hallmark-style corporate mission statements posted in the lobby of every company I visit gets royalties for all the plagiarism going on.
  3. 10/01/2014:  Whenever I am in Minnesota I always pick up the latest available edition of Boundary Waters Journal, which sets me to daydreaming of canoe and kayak adventures in the watery North Country.
  4. 10/02/2014:  The I-90 corridor where Minnesota borders Wisconsin, as well as the stretch of Highway 61 shadowing the Mississippi River heading kind of north and west from there to the Twin Cities, is as gorgeous a stretch as anywhere else in a country overflowing with beautiful landscapes.
  5. 10/03/2014:  Coming home to a pet who is suffering — even when prepared for it — still really sucks.
  6. 10/04/2014:  Stayed up late watching Into the Cold, a documentary of an expedition to the North Pole, and after seeing these two dudes hunker down in sleeping bags in -40° temperatures made me doubly content to waddle down the hall, step over three farting dogs and one vicious feline, and slip between the sheets of a bed already warmed by a sleeping woman.
  7. 10/05/2014:  Band practice and then a photoshoot for Missoula designer Fool’s Gold Jewelry makes for a satisfying day of creativity, made all the better by sunshine, good people, and a shot or three of Black Velvet.



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