One-Sentence Journal, Week Thirty-Two

  1. 05/06/2014:  The worst thing a person can say to me while on site for the day job is, “We’ll take you to lunch and we can discuss this more there.”
  2. 05/07/2014:  The heat wave in Los Angeles last week followed me to Omaha, but as I left the hotel this evening a thunder and lightning storm was just rolling in, the first fat drops of rain spattering on the hot pavement, stirring up that familiar smell of summer in the city.
  3. 05/08/2014:  Waiting under a shelter at the Lewis and Clark Monument in Council Bluffs, Iowa, it isn’t just that I enjoyed the moment — driving rain that surged, ebbed, and surged; the concussions of lightning and thunder; the wet, earthy smell of the breeze that swept through; or even the nearby cardinal, bright red like a Christmas berry against the green, who sang on uninhibited by weather — it was that I had the time to merely linger throughout and be part of the spectacle: a traveler, his journey highlighted by storm.
  4. 05/09/2014:  After spending an unplanned night in Minneapolis due to weather delays, I hit the ground running in support of Julia’s “West” art extravaganza, and it all came together nicely, even if it did feel at times like a train leaving the tracks on one side as it careened around every corner. . . .
  5. 05/10/2014:  Today I spent a chunk of time taking photographs on behalf of someone who actually asked me to come take photographs for them, which is an exciting turn of events in my efforts to do more with the camera, a tool which still feels altogether too foreign more frequently than it should.
  6. 05/11/2014:  Brunch with my mom, where I ate too much, then, later, Game of Thrones with my Hot Mama.
  7. 05/12/2014:  According to FitBit, a sweaty, energetic band practice is the equivalent of two miles of vigorous walking.


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    1. Chris Post author

      If they’re long, it’s because I’m doing it on purpose. I find the challenge of a long sentence on occasion to be a good exercise.


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