One-Sentence Journal, Week Twelve

  1. 09/16/2013:  A hot, windy evening on the M trail with tumbleweeds blowing across the path, and writhing dust devils spinning grit into my teeth.
  2. 09/17/2013:  It’s crazy how even in a small town one regularly finds little pockets of neighborhoods never previously encountered or explored, but are exceedingly wonderful despite — probably because of — their unfamiliarity.
  3. 09/18/2013:  A spontaneous field trip to Great Falls with Julia to see my friend Aaron Draplin work his magic in a shitty little Holiday Inn conference room, after which we took him to the airport, dumped him at the curb, then proceeded to our maiden visit to the famous Sip & Dip, where we watched a surly photographer capture the images of glowing mermaids for calendarial posterity.
  4. 09/19/2013:  It is an odd feeling knowing all the white tail deer in my neighborhood are dying, one both terribly sad and eery.
  5. 09/20/2013:  When my much-anticipated afternoon/evening plans were waylaid by circumstance, the dark storm of a terrible mood was headed off at the pass by a savvy and exquisite better half.
  6. 09/21/2013:  A Saturday spent seeing to some lingering chores instead of entertaining myself led to an evening with pizza, a good movie, and photographic experimentation with lighting.
  7. 09/22/2013:  An early morning (for a Sunday) spent in a humid, stinky men’s room with two beautiful women set the tone for what turned out to be an excellent, gloriously gray and rainy introduction to Fall.


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