One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty-Five

  1. 12/16/2013:  Because I’m a risk taker, I’ve decided to travel this week with the most stripped-down baggage I’ve ever attempted to subsist on for a work trip, and I’m almost positive I’m going to forget something crucial.
  2. 12/17/2013:  Landing in Texas to temperatures nearly 70° warmer than what it’s been like in Missoula, it was highway driving with the windows down to Laurel Land Cemetery, where I sat at the gravesite of Stevie Ray Vaughan and listened to him and Double Trouble play “Rude Mood” through my headphones.
  3. 12/18/2013:  For a lonely night in Dallas, I recommend Adair’s Saloon, Red singing tearjerkers, and a tabletop covered with friends who don’t pass judgment.
  4. 12/19/2013:  A blizzard in Salt Lake City turned a generic travel day home to an exercise in patience, leaving me plenty of time to reflect on the simple beauty of wonderful friends in far-flung places, and how getting to know them infuses a city or landscape with their presence . . . even if they aren’t there.
  5. 12/20/2013:  A weird thing about travel — and this has happened far more than once — is I get a little out of the loop of the mainstream outrage cycle, such that a kerfluffle can spark, explode, and subside again all in the few days I’m gone, so that all I really see is the puff of smoke its left behind.
  6. 12/21/2013:  Not for no good reason is this called the longest night of the year. . . .
  7. 12/22/2013:  Dismayed to reflect that I can’t remember a looming Christmas that seemed less Christmasy than this; perhaps it being the first that Sid isn’t under my roof has something to do with it.


About Chris La Tray

Chris La Tray is a writer, photographer, and wannabe adventurer. He lives and travels from Missoula, MT.
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5 Responses to One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty-Five

  1. I traveled, too, this week (see my blog). Passed through Dallas coming and going, as well. Would like to have been there to observe a moment with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  2. April says:

    What did you forget to pack?
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your Stevie Ray Vaughan moment. Cool, Chris. A fan here that still feels his absence. And I know what you mean about the outrage. I’m an extensive traveler myself and have thought that myself but have never seen someone put that in words.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks, Dave. I’ve learned a lot about Stevie in recent weeks, as a friend was a friend of his family, and it’s given me fresh appreciation for his work. Oddly, the last trip I was on before Dallas I stayed not even a mile from where he was killed. A strange coincidence, really.

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