One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty-Seven

  1. 03/25/2014:  I attended a reading tonight at Shakespeare and Co by author Peter Stark, who writes the kind of adventure-based historical nonfiction that makes me marvel that anyone ever survived anything at all.
  2. 03/26/2014:  A brand new baby mule — all legs and head — has appeared at the farm just down the road, and I will make it my spring mission to capture the little bastard in a photograph.
  3. 03/27/2014:  Let it be known that the Arizona Wildcats alum in my household threw in the towel at halftime and retreated to bed, leaving yours truly alone to hang with them to the bitter end where they managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  4. 03/29/2014:  Peter Stark, the writer whose reading I attended earlier in the week, made my day via email by sending a thank you for the photos I took of the event, which had been passed on to him by Zoey from the bookstore, proving that simple courtesies — especially those unlooked for — are the key to sowing happiness.
  5. 03/30/2014:  Rattlesnake Canyon remains under snow, though the trails are mostly patches of ice broken up by mud and discarded baggies of dog shit.
  6. 03/31/2014:  It was chilly walking along the Clark Fork this evening with the usual breeze coming from the southwest instead of down Hellgate Canyon, and the water is inching higher with the earliest signs of spring run-off.

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