One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty-Three

  1. 12/02/2013:  A long weekend, one work day, and now two more days off looming before me is is a schedule I could easily become accustomed to.
  2. 12/03/2013:  A single sentence can’t sum up an excellent day in Portland spending time with friends and reading at another Noir at the Bar; can’t wait to get back and do it again.
  3. 12/04/2013:  Travel day home from Portland and I wish I could remain another day or two.
  4. 12/05/2013:  Switching from “writer” to desk jockey was particularly challenging this morning.
  5. 12/06/2013:  Bitter cold and wind chill pushing temperatures into the -20s and -30s challenged my usual stoic attitude about cold when I walked across the Higgins Bridge and back in just my vest and t-shirt in order to attend an art opening.
  6. 12/07/2013:  A rare morning reading at Shakespeare and Co. by first time novelist/veteran reporter Gwen Florio proved it’s never too early to publicly geek out over books.
  7. 12/08/2013:  After a stretch of quiet between us as we both people-watched from our booth at the holiday market, Julia dropped this QOTD on me: “Would you like to hear another reason to throw on the pile of other reasons as to why I’m a terrible person?”


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    1. Chris Post author

      Unless you moved NW without telling me Dave, I’m thinking you’re thinking of Portland, Maine. I went to Portland, Oregon. Which puts it about a continent away from you, if my geography is correct!


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