One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty

  1. 11/11/2013:  Walking the river trail downtown after dark I saw an epic bicyclist vs. dog wipeout and wanted to toss the dog owner into the river for being out and going so fast with an unleashed dog on such a heavily-trafficed path.
  2. 11/12/2013:  There is a chair just inside the door at Betty’s Divine, where Julia works part-time, that I sometimes like to relax in — listening to music, chatting with her customers and co-workers, or even just reading or farting around on my phone — while she wraps up her shift and closes for the night.
  3. 11/13/2013:  On a whim I found myself spending the last hour of daylight sauntering around the swamp, or slough, behind and below where I went to elementary school, watching and listening to ducks, tracking the progress of a muskrat back and forth across the stream, and otherwise re-familiarizing myself with a place I hadn’t visited in decades.
  4. 11/14/2013:  I’m feeling frustrated today because though I’ve published more freelance writing work since mid-September than ever before, across multiple publications, I still haven’t seen a dime of payment for any of it.
  5. 11/15/2013:  I never used to be much of a “TGIF!” guy, but anymore the arrival of quitting time on Friday afternoon is pretty much proof of a higher power who just wants to make me happy.
  6. 11/16/2013:  A wild hair to reorganize/rearrange my office (likely inspired by Julia’s effort to do so in the living room) dissolved into an afternoon of sorting, looking through, and otherwise fondling all of my books, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do.
  7. 11/17/2013:  About the only time I watch much television is if I’m sucked into a sporting event of some kind, and what strikes me the most is how so many commercials portray male/female, husband/wife relationships as a practice in being complete and utter dicks to each other.

4 thoughts on “One-Sentence Journal, Week Twenty

  1. Ron Scheer (@rdscheer)

    A good week, amigo. I’ve noticed that about TV commercials, too, though I’m guessing it’s spill over from the sitcoms. And I had an hour of “book fondling” myself this week, though some went into the recycle box.

    1. Chris Post author

      I haven’t watched a sitcom in years, but you’re probably right. If Julia or I spoke to each other the way some of these people do in these ads, though, we wouldn’t be together. Neither one of us would stand for it.

      As for books, mine are pretty aggressively culled . . . to the point where I think I need to replace a handful I now wish I’d hung onto.


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