One-Sentence Journal, Week Two

As this entry posts, I’ll be on a plane headed to Tulsa, OK, for work. From there I drive to a little town called Ponca City, near the Kansas border. As for this past week, I somehow managed to miss one day. Still, six outta seven ain’t bad. . . .

  1. 07/08/2013  Sitting on the side porch in late evening, the light and clouds make me happy to live in this odd little neighborhood, where the sky is so much bigger and the surrounding mountains more visible than when we were buried in the middle of the city.
  2. 07/10/2013  Original art — like when the mail delivers a painting of some cows that your father-in-law painted — is the best.
  3. 07/11/2013  When I am an older man, perhaps in my sixties, I hope I can deliver simple profanities with the heft and grandeur of some of the older men I encounter.
  4. 07/12/2013  Camping and fly fishing eighteen miles or so up Rock Creek, I do my part to drag five trout from the stream, release them, then return to camp and be reminded there is no better place to sit than beside a fire.
  5. 07/13/2013  A rare afternoon nap has me up late and I realize that by the time I drag my fat ass out of bed in the morning, the Missoula Marathon — which begins near my house — will have already started and the winner will have won.
  6. 07/14/2013  The fat, post-rehearsal blisters on the ends of my fingers (and vocal chords, it feels like) tell the story of the price paid for a couple months of no band practice.


6 thoughts on “One-Sentence Journal, Week Two

  1. Sage

    A trout wrapped in foil, sprinkled with spices and with lemon slices laid on the top) roasting in the coals would take a great fire and make it awesome!

    1. Chris Post author

      If Julia were a fish eater, we probably would have done something like that. So we settled for hot dogs and s’mores.

  2. Patti Abbott

    It occurs to me that you live in a place where you can be out of doors in ferocious temperatures and I do not. Both ends of the temperature spectrum.

    1. Chris Post author

      I can handle the cold, and doing things, but when it gets hot — as it has been quite a bit this month — I’m relegated to doing things on the water. I’ll DO other things, I just prefer not to.

  3. David Cranmer

    Really enjoying your one-sentence journal, Chris. (Especially “simple profanities with the heft and grandeur.”) I have been keeping a journal myself for the past several years. More for myself than anything else but hopefully one day my daughter will enjoy finding out what her old dad did on such and such a day.


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