One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Fifty-Six, Fifty-Seven, Fifty-Eight, and Fifty-Nine

Last OSJ of 2015, and I’m a little behind. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing them in my Field Notes, I just haven’t been particularly good at posting them (ahem). So here’s an eyeful….

  1. 11/29/2015:  Two bloody elk hides hanging from the top beam of the neighbor’s corral, a horse sniffing at one, two ravens perched near the other pull hunks of flesh free while a magpie waits its turn.
  2. 11/30/2015:  Bitter cold today, tried to take Darla out but she pulled up lame not a quarter mile into our saunter due to sheer, frigid ice on the trail.
  3. 12/01/2015:  Travel day to Orlando, Florida, a trip that will most certainly be the last taken while under the thumb of my current employer.
  4. 12/02/2015:  I took myself to see the new Rocky movie Creed for the second time tonight, and I’m struck again by how well Stallone inhabits the Rocky Balboa character, and by how much more I relate to the 60yo version of him than I do at any other time in the entire series.
  5. 12/03/2015:  A couple days at a customer site and I’m reminded by how the miserable vibes of so much of working life has so worn me down, and why I’m happy to be leaving this kind of living behind.
  6. 12/04/2015:  Home again, tonight I went to an open house featuring the wares of folks from a kind of local art collective, smiled at the collection of middle-aged hippie types, then, catching my reflection in a pane of glass — my battered Carhartt vest, my disheveled ponytail halfway down my back, the abundance of gray in my shaggy beard — and realized more than ever before that I have “grown up” to be one of them.
  7. 12/05/2015:  I photographed the live debut of this dance/performance art project some friends of mine put together, and, despite watching most of it through the viewfinder of my camera, I have to say I was happy for them at how well it all turned out.
  8. 12/06/2015:  Cold Moon Collective at Montgomery Distillery today, where it was awesome to spend time in the company of a number of very creative artists  from various disciplines, and I came away inspired.
  9. 12/07/2015:  Monday, back at the work laptop, fighting an acute case of short-timer’s sickness.
  10. 12/08/2015:  Opted to use my last four vacation days to create a six-day weekend this coming weekend, putting my total remaining number of actual working days at twelve.
  11. 12/09/2015:  6:30 AM yoga felt much better today than it did on Monday, which was desperately appreciated after several very difficult classes in a row left me questioning my commitment to keep practicing at all.
  12. 12/10/2015:  First day off of my long weekend and my beloved ’89 F150 was hauled off to be delivered to wherever the souls of loyal old trucks go when they are rendered into scrap.
  13. 12/11/2015:  Never underestimate the power of a couple extra days off.
  14. 12/12/2015:  First day since I can’t remember when that I didn’t make a single trip into Missoula; I ventured no farther east than my daily sauntering grounds near the river.
  15. 12/13/2015:  I find I am much less of a hateful person when I am largely off social media, as I have been this past week, and I feel much better for it.
  16. 12/14/2015:  I began the day with morning coffee in the company of a friend, then an evening movie with another friend, a level of social interaction relatively unprecedented in my usual day-to-day life, especially for a freakin’ Monday.
  17. 12/15/2015:  I took incredible pleasure today in picking up a few bales of hay and straw for my mom, loading it in the truck, driving it out to her place, and then stowing it in the barn.
  18. 12/16/2015:  I made it to the studio this morning in plenty of time for 6:30 AM yoga, but made an ill-fated decision to doze ten minutes on the futon before heading upstairs to class and missed it when those ten minutes became forty.
  19. 12/17/2015:  In the past three days I’ve logged 10+ hours on hold via website and telephone in an effort to acquire health insurance for Sid starting January 1, and I’m deep into those uncharted, “here there be monsters” waters on the map of my outrage.
  20. 12/18/2015:  I like when my errands about town find me in unknown pockets of the city, even when those errands include a cash-only transaction in the workshop of what likely doubles as the urban hideaway of a chain-smoking serial killer.
  21. 12/19/2015:  I attended my first show at the remodeled Wilma Theater in Missoula and hated the distraction caused by the endless stream of people up and down the aisles — or squeezing through the claustrophobic rows of seats — on missions to prevent themselves from having to spend more than a minute or two without a fucking beer in their hands.
  22. 12/20/2015:  Who knew that swapping old, shitty patch cables between pedals for fancy, expensive new ones could make such an enormous difference when it comes to delivering quality, electrified rock and roll?
  23. 12/21/2015:  More going on work-wise with my soon-to-be ex-employer, and my short-timer’s sickness is rendering me so very unmotivated.
  24. 12/22/2015:  It’s been particularly snowy and wintery here this December, without it being overwhelmingly so, and for that I am extremely grateful.
  25. 12/23/2015:  New Star Wars: equal parts awesome and awful, but still the best since The Empire Strikes Back . . . which isn’t saying much considering how utterly terrible the last four have been.
  26. 12/24/2015:  Driving up to my mom’s for traditional Christmas Eve homemade pizza, I was struck by how beautiful and Christmasy it all looked up there in the mountains with the fresh snow and distant glittery lights from the decorations of her neighbors, and it made me a little sad to think this will likely be the last time we gather so in this particular spot.
  27. 12/25/2015:  Merry Christmas!
  28. 12/26/2015:  Christmas over and I’m feeling a little restless, which I blame on being faced with this final, short, three-day push until I’m self-employed.

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