One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Forty-Two, Forty-Three, and Forty-Four

I’ve taken the better part of the last couple weeks off from posting at all, just to get my feet under me again. In particular it’s been a few weeks since the last One-Sentence Journal, but here’s to just picking up where I left off with minimal fanfare.

  1. 11/03/2014:  I started sorting through the boxes of old family photos tonight with an ultimate plan to scan and compile them somewhat, and it was a fascinating trip down memory lane.
  2. 11/04/2014:  I know everyone said how life-changing this Bikram yoga thing is, and I was at least quietly skeptical, but I have to say I’m amazed by how helpful it’s been concerning the shitty events of the past week.
  3. 11/05/2014:  Another election and more proof that the fraction of the public who actually vote pretty much go against their best interests in an effort to give everyone else the shitty country they/we deserve.
  4. 11/06/2014:  On a whim, Julia and I looked in on some studio space and it looks like it might even work out for us….
  5. 11/07/2014:  People freaking that Winter is Coming next week, supposedly, and it is hard for me not to irritably point out to everyone that it is November in Montana, a month that every day spent not frigid is a day stolen from true winter.
  6. 11/08/2014:  Took the longest hike of the year so far, seventeen miles in the Rattlesnake, and it was a perfect reminder of how restorative time in the woods can be.
  7. 11/09/2014:  Winter hit hard overnight with snow and cold, and by the time a last minute change in plans to do a yoga class this afternoon came, I couldn’t rally for it.
  8. 11/10/2014:  Dad’s obituary hit the paper today, on the anniversary of what would have been his 74th birthday.
  9. 11/11/2014:  I know I’m a cynical bastard, but it never ceases to amaze me how a holiday like today, Veterans Day, overwhelms social media, and I wonder how many of these folks posting their platitudes to “heroes” even knew it was Veterans Day before their feeds blew up and they jumped on the jingoistic bandwagon.
  10. 11/12/2014:  Ah, the season of vehicles failing to start in the morning is upon us!
  11. 11/13/2014:  Julia and I signed the lease on a studio I previously shared with three other photographers in the same building as the Bikram studio, back when I wasn’t even making an effort really to BE a photographer, to use for her fashion business and my photography, and it is a kind of dream come true for us to have a space right in the heart of downtown Missoula.
  12. 11/14/2014:  Quote of the day heard from across the room, without context: “So, are you swollen right now?”
  13. 11/15/2014:  The instructors say that some days a yoga practice can only be spent flat on one’s back on one’s mat, and that damn near sums up how it went for me today; I’m quickly learning that if there is a weakness in the mind or body, this is a discipline of exercise that will find it, every time.
  14. 11/16/2014:  First American Falcon practice in several weeks and I’m not too modest to admit we played well enough to have destroyed just about anyone if it had been a live show.
  15. 11/17/2014:  Test shooting in the studio tonight in preparation for a photo shoot with Vogue magazine aspirations using hand-stapled zine-quality gear.
  16. 11/18/2014:  Today was our first “official” shoot in the new studio, a collaboration between Julia’s DonkeyGirl fashion designs and some local jewelry makers called Moth+Muse, and while it was long it was a blast to spend an entire day submerged in creativity.
  17. 11/19/2014:  I look forward to having the confidence in my technical prowess for photography as I do other pursuits, because I tend to fret too much over whether shit is going to work out every time I press the shutter.
  18. 11/20/2014:  I was concerned that the images from the shoot on Tuesday wouldn’t be quite what the Moth+Muse women were after, but after going through the shots with one of them in the studio tonight it seems she is as pleased as I am with the results.
  19. 11/21/2014:  Signing off work for the week begins a string of vacation days that won’t end until December, when I board a plane on the 1st bound for Canada.
  20. 11/22/2014:  Heat, humidity, and effort rose up to smack me silly in the Bikram class today, and I’ve spent the rest of the day quietly suffering for it.
  21. 11/23/2014:  Good modern country (Nikki Lane, Whitey Morgan) and an unanticipated afternoon to myself in the new studio made for a solid Sunday on a day when it seems all of my joints are protesting me being anywhere but prone.


6 thoughts on “One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Forty-Two, Forty-Three, and Forty-Four

  1. April

    It’s been too long since I checked in with you. Sorry to hear about the passing of your dad in November. Congrats on the shoot and new studio space! For “modern country” have you listened to Shakey Graves? And Shovels and Rope? Okay, back to reading the rest of what I have to catch up on…

    1. Chris Post author

      I wrote a review of Shakey Graves for the Indy — I dig his stuff. I’m also a fan of S&R, though not a huge one, but I do intend to check out the new documentary. I got really into Nikki Lane this year, as well as Sturgill Simpson and Whitey Morgan. The Delines are great too, and the new Ryan Adams is really good.

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