One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Sixty-Five, Sixty-Six, and Sixty-Seven

  1. 01/31/2016:  I should always be so fortunate as to be able to photograph someone joyful and glowing as Kim Pollock, who modeled for DonkeyGirl today.
  2. 02/01/2016:  I sat in my room for ten minutes this afternoon, my eyes closed, then opened them to a scene of thick, cottony snowflakes falling outside my window.
  3. 02/02/2016:  The 4:00 PM yoga class was a preemptive strike against the soreness to come tomorrow based on my efforts in a boxing workout yesterday.
  4. 02/03/2016:  A new editor for a publication I’m pursuing working with, explaining their current pay model as a start-up, quoted the exact words I had tattooed onto my forearm when I went all in as a freelancer.
  5. 02/04/2016:  A night at the historic Broadway Hotel in Philipsburg, the evening spent in the common room sharing a pizza and a growler from the brewery downstairs with my best girl.
  6. 02/05/2016:  A bluebird day among the Pintlers, the road winding from vista to vista, each urging me to stop, find a rock to sit on, and breathe deeply.
  7. 02/06/2016:  The hoots of the great horned owl in the tree outside my window tonight upstaged every other burst of birdsong I’ve heard in recent memory.
  8. 02/07/2016:  A muddy flatbed pickup leaves a prickly trail of green across the churned-up white, crusty field, and drags the bovine centipede forward, huffing.
  9. 02/08/2016:  I’m still struggling mightily with how to organize my time, but at least I have a clear vision of the myriad ways I’m doing things wrong.
  10. 02/09/2016:  I’ve been spending time with all of my One-Sentence Journal entries, which has been fun, but it’s crazy when they describe events that seem recent, yet the time stamp reveals years have passed since.
  11. 02/10/2016:  Election years are godawful ugly.
  12. 02/11/2016:  Movie date this afternoon to see the new Coen Brothers film, Hail Caesar, and it was refreshing to see a smart, entertaining offering that didn’t need to lean on bombast and mayhem to tell its story.
  13. 02/12/2016:  I fell down the rabbit hole of links to fantastic images by an artist named Liam Sharp, and it was like being reborn into so many of the fantasies, daydreams, and even nightmares that made me, as a child, want to be some kind of creative person in the first place.
  14. 02/13/2016:  Like last year, a spring-ish February is proving to be nothing like the howling winters of the year’s second month I remember from my youth.
  15. 02/14/2016:  Valentine’s Day may be the ultimate expression of a manufactured holiday that celebrates sexism, but Julia got a card anyway.
  16. 02/15/2016:  I’m already missing the snow and its stories of critters moving to and fro.
  17. 02/16/2016:  A very fun, creative day in the photo studio collaborating on a TOP SECRET! project with my friend Lily, who is weeks away from appearing on the big screen in a movie called Certain Women.
  18. 02/17/2016:  The days are getting longer, and I heard, and saw, the first red-winged blackbirds at my feeders in months, all signs that spring looms near.
  19. 02/18/2016:  “Oh, Christ, he’s just a kid!” I said with only a little sarcasm when I was told the author of a popular new debut novel is “about forty, I think,” by a guy with a ponytail at least a shade or two grayer than mine.
  20. 02/19/2016:  First sighting at the river since late last spring of the great horned owl in its hollow tree nest, and I’m hoping she’s sitting on some eggs that will lead to more babies to point and smile at on my outings with Darla the Adventure Dog.
  21. 02/20/2016:  The Witch is one of those lower budget, independent film masterpieces that is built on a quiet intensity that is at times almost unbearably suspenseful, and I loved every moment of it.


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