One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine

Missed posting last week, so here are two weeks’ worth. . . .

  1. 10/06/2014:  Quoted at lights-out, without context: “Didn’t we end up with a bed full of beans once when your bag broke?”
  2. 10/07/2014:  Every time I get outdoors — up in the hills, along the river, wherever — I feel like the world just gives and gives and I’m not doing a damn thing to give anything back.
  3. 10/08/2014:  Pleasantly sore and muscle-tweaked at bedtime from this morning’s workout, yet the best part is knowing that, as an off day, I don’t need to even think about doing it again tomorrow morning.
  4. 10/09/2014:  I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Gone Girls is considered a good movie, as it is awful in ways that only movies with “based on the runaway bestseller by…” in their description can be.
  5. 10/10/2014:  American Falcon rock show tonight, where I get to chafe at being the oldest guy in the room.
  6. 10/11/2014:  Little sleep the night before makes for a lazy Saturday, only improved by gray skies and pouring rain from wire to wire.
  7. 10/12/2014:  Today I walked through Flipper’s bar in order to use the restroom and felt a surprisingly strong tug of desire to start watching football again; games on all the televisions, its fans gathered in factions around the bright screens, drinking beer and choking down bar food, seeming to enjoy themselves.
  8. 10/13/2014:  Sad day today as we learn that our little Velcro does have a tumor, and it is indeed terminal.
  9. 10/14/2014:  For the second time in less than a week I find myself driving home on the dark side of midnight, a turn of events somewhat unprecedented in recent years.
  10. 10/15/2014:  I’m not ashamed to say I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy four times in the theater.
  11. 10/16/2014:  Fall mornings like today — brisk, sunny, damp — are so gorgeous they almost make my heart hurt.
  12. 10/17/2014:  I spend so much time up in the hills lately, it’s easy to forget how gorgeous a fall evening along the river across from downtown Missoula can be.
  13. 10/18/2014:  This afternoon was spent measuring, cutting, taping — crafting! — in poster board, even as Julia shared the space while performing the same tasks in fabric.
  14. 10/19/2014:  Scenes from a parking spot by the river trail: a couple, seemingly older than Missoula itself, sauntering along; a hippy guy, his flannel tied around his waist, ambling along playing a handmade wooden flute; a young man on a bmx bike, racing along hands-free, air drumming to the music in his ear buds as if his very life depended on it.



6 thoughts on “One-Sentence Journal, Weeks Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine

  1. laurenob

    Damn. I don’t know if this is the first you’ve disclosed Velcro’s condition, but I missed it if you posted previously. I’m so sorry. For you, Julia and the other critters. But I do know that Velcro has had a fantastic life, well-loved.

    And on a better note, Galaxy Quest does indeed kick ass.

    I’m not as down on Gone Girl as you, but didn’t get the hype. I gave it a 6/6.5.

    1. Chris Post author

      That’s the first mention of Velcro, yeah, and thanks. The vet said she could have weeks or months left, who knows. We’re just keeping an eye on her and when she starts to show signs of struggle, or the gruesome infection returns, then we will likely follow up on the “big decision.” Right now though she is her usual self.

    1. Chris Post author

      Many people like it. Neither Julia nor I did. The dialogue in the opening scene alone put me off and I never recovered. About 1/3rd of the way in I turned to Julia and said, “About all this movie has done so far is convince me I never want to even think about reading the book!” There are few movies I can’t possibly recommend to anyone. This is one of them. Which may be reason enough to see it, heh.


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