Saturday after market Julia and I drove up to Garnet Ghost Town to scout it out as a location for her next big Donkeygirl photoshoot, where I would be manning the camera. Photography is something I’m just barely in the early stages of being a beginner with, so it was totally a case of shooting from the hip. Yesterday we went back up with our friend Nikki as the model, with her husband Loren along for the ride (I met Loren several years ago when he manned the counter at Muse Comics). They are also our neighbors at market, where Nikki sells jewelry and art and stuff she makes. Dig this:

I’m totally going to buy one each of her little stuffed Yeti and Sasquatch creations. I told Nikki they remind me of the awesome graphic novel by Beau Smith called Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars, where the story has, among much other awesome mayhem, a trio of righteous Sasquatch battling a pack of evil Yeti. Great stuff! And, to squeeze that world a little smaller, Beau actually knows Loren and Nikki, as he did an in-store at Muse when Loren worked there (this was right about the time I was moving back to Missoula so I missed it). Beau is a fine man.

Anyway, yesterday We had a GREAT time in Garnet, then feasted mightily afterward. I have a ton of pictures from the recon trip I might post, but right now I’m working with Julia to select the ones she is going to use for her actual lookbook thing that she’s taking to Vegas in a week or so for a big conference/show thing there. I don’t know. But anyway, here’s an outtake. Doesn’t Nikki look perdy in one of Julia’s fabulous designs?

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