>Parental Indignation

>I had a moment of uncertainty this afternoon when Sid wanted to buy himself this Venom t-shirt from Ear Candy. The front really didn’t bother me, just the typical satanic skull thing that Venom always use. The back had some of their lyrics on it, which kind of tweaked my parental idea of what a kid shouldn’t necessarily walk around with . . . but I took a deep breath and let it slide. I told him just to make sure he didn’t wear it around his mom or grandma. He just shrugged and said, “Well, I think Grandma has already given up on me.” That amused me. It’s not literal, of course, he just means she has given up on making him the Junior Republican that I think she would like him to be (I am referring to the grandma on his mom’s side; my mom is way cooler than that).

Sid is a great kid, so I let slide some of the stuff that other parents may balk at because that is how he wants to express himself. To me, it’s all perspective. Some parents let their kids leave the house looking like Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake; mine looks like a Hells Angel. But he is respectful and minds his manners, and that is what is important. Hell, I was the same friggin’ way when I was in high school.

So when he told me the story of how his graphic design teacher pissed him off, I got pissed. Not mad, pissed. Here’s the story.

Apparently they were supposed to find pictures online that they felt represented them, showed something about what they were about. So, as one of his images he chose this shot from Evil Dead, which is essentially a movie poster you could see just about in any decent video store, and dressed it up a bit. I haven’t seen it, but I know Sid is pretty talented with this stuff, so I’m sure it is pretty cool. And it is appropriate — zombie, b-style horror movies, all that stuff is a big part of what he loves. His own art is definitely deeply rooted in that genre. He loves it. But Thursday afternoon, his teacher told him to scrap it, and use something else. He told me he didn’t say anything, just said OK and used something else. No big deal, it could have ended there.

Today, though, she was displaying each person’s image as they existed to this point. She didn’t show what Sid had done, not even the new image he had done instead, and instead told the class that he didn’t know better than to use something that was inappropriate, and proceeded to berate him in front of the whole class, asking him what he would do if she called his dad and told him about the picture. He said he just told her his dad probably wouldn’t care that much, because I know he likes stuff like that. So her response was that maybe he should spend some time with the guidance counselor.

Damn, even as I write this I am getting heated up again. I could see if she had made specific requirements for what they were supposed to do; she asked to choose something each student felt represented them, and he picked that. I certainly got it, because I know my kid. Who is this teacher to pass this kind of judgment on him not two weeks into the class before even knowing anything about him?

I’m pissed.

As I mentioned before, when challenged with the idea of “You Are What You Read” I chose this:

Like father like son, eh? Hell yeah.

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  1. >So, are you going to talk to Teach?If it comes to that, yes. Sid and I talked about a couple options for response. He said he was thinking about using the same picture, but putting a “Censored” tag on all the parts with blood. Another option we discussed was using a picture of the bloody Jesus on the cross, with a caption that reads, “Some blood is more acceptable than others” or something like that.So, right now it is up to him. If he needs to call in the big guns — me — I’m totally ready. Right now it is a battle for him to wage via his art; we’ll see what happens.

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