Photo Finish Friday

I’ve been playing around with this ap I downloaded onto my phone that makes the camera shoot pictures with various “vintage camera” options. This morning around 7:30 AM on a gray, cloudy day I drove up onto the South Hills area to take this shot with the phone:

This is obviously the polaroid option, in color. I think there are about five different camera types, and this one turned out the best. I like it because in the dim background you can just make out the ghost outlines of the hills to the north. As always, click the image to make it bigger.

It’s funny. Here we are in an age when digital cameras make it easy for just about anyone to take excellent, sharp images . . . and I find myself liking more and more the rougher, old-looking stuff. Anyway, here’s the black & white version, which is also pretty cool:

For interested Missoula folks, this was taken from Artemos Drive, looking kind of NE with Higgins Ave angling kind of from the center of the frame slightly diagonal to the left.


Photo Finish Friday is the brainchild of writer/blogger Leah J. Utas.

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  1. >Thanks, Chris. I like 'em both.I've got a print of a David Hockney Polaroid collage, "Pearblossom Highway," which I never tire of looking at. Years later I'm still finding details in it I haven't noticed before.I'm reviewing a book on photography in the West during the 19th century next week. These old photographs, when you know about the technology, are sometimes miraculous.

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