Photo Finish Friday

Behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the DonkeyGirl Spring 2011 Collection. Here’s Julia wrangling our friend Gwen’s hair into shape prior to getting all fancied up for photos.

We were at the downtown Missoula studio of photographer Youa Vang. She had contacted Julia some months ago, after having seen her designs, and asked to work together for their mutual benefit. It’s worked out great, and it was my first time to participate at an actual studio, as opposed to the guerrilla setup we’ve used in our basement for past shoots. Youa also shot the pictures for the most recent batch of six party dresses that went up at Donkeygirl a few weeks ago.

I was there with my little video camera thing, just getting a bunch of random footage. The plan, if my footage isn’t awful (which is an enormous “if”), is to make a little video splicing live action footage with final images, just for the fun of it. If that happens, I’ll post it here.

Meanwhile, here’s another shot of Gwen, getting ready to have her picture taken for real (and not just by the guy pointing the video camera and cell phone camera at her).

It should be mentioned that besides being fun and perdy, Gwen is also a lethally-skilled kickball player.


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3 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday

  1. Ron Scheer

    >Not a lot of experience with photo shoots, but one that remains in memory is a shoot for a brochure cover in the kitchen of my rented townhouse 20 years ago. A little girl (2 of them taking turns) colored madly on a table top. Behind them was a window filled with golden morning sunlight from a huge flood lamp just out of view (the day was in fact winter-dark and dreary). An elderly neighbor was alarmed that we were up to something nefarious. Great fun. Looking forward to the vid.


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