Photo Finish Friday

Simple pleasures.

This is actually a shot from the parking lot of the convenience store about 0.7 miles from my house. There is a small wetland right next to it, and I love to park there. Right now everything is still yellow and dead-looking, but it won’t be long before it all greens up and looks beautiful. The red-wing blackbirds are out in force; in the mornings their calls are numerous and loud. There will be ducks, and deer, and gophers, and who knows what else. It’s a wild little spot right on the edge of the city, and I dig it.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon. I’d signed out from work and driven over to finish a book I was in the closing pages of. I do that sometimes. I think it’s a holdover from years back in Washington when I would leave for work very early to beat the traffic, then spend an hour or so reading before clocking in. I love to read in my car, in waiting rooms, on the plane, anywhere.

Sitting with the window down, listening to birdsong, and reading or even just sitting and chilling out — I love it.


Photo Finish Friday is the brainchild of writer/blogger/world traveler Leah J. Utas.

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  1. Leah J. Utas

    >Good for you for finding a spot to relax and read. It looks and sounds like a wonderful spot. The red-winged blackbirds aren't here yet. Your sightings give me hope.


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