Photo Finish Friday

“One wrong move, and the dog gets it.” — Puny the Cat

I’d forgotten I’d taken this; I noticed it on my camera when I was shooting pictures in Chicago yesterday. Julia had come into my office a week or so ago and said, “Ah, cute!” and pointed out Puny and Orly sharing the chair together (more like, Puny was there and El Rey decided to join her, intending to squeeze her off his chair in my office). Anyway, this morning when I pulled the images off my camera, I showed it to Julia. After the “Ah” moment of its cutenss, she looked puzzled and said, “Orly looks so nervous though!” Then a pause. “But look where Puny’s paw is!”

One flex of her claws, and life could get ugly for the little warrior.

This led to Julia laughing. Then me. Then Julia laughing harder. Then me laughing hard because of Julia laughing. Julia has this different laugh that makes an appearance when the animals are doing something silly. It started there, and quickly devolved until both of us were in tears, snorts, and probably a little drooling even (on Julia’s part, that is, certainly not mine).

This went on for a lot longer than it really should have between sane adults, which of course forced me to use this picture for PFF this week. I hope you don’t mind. Somehow Orly has maintained his dignity throughout, but I’m sure if he catches wind of this getting out on the internet, he’s likely to tear me a new one.

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