Photo Finish Friday

The Better Late Than Never Edition.

This is a tomb at Saint Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans. I was in that beautiful city all week, which is why this post is so late — I kept busy every moment of my free time while there, and haven’t slowed down much since I returned home this afternoon. I was only there for about 45 minutes or so; I would have stayed longer, but as it was when I passed by the entrance I discoveredĀ  I’d been locked inside! Luckily I was able to scale the wall to get out again, as spending the night in the supposed most haunted cemetery in America might have been a bit harrowing.

I got plenty more great pictures while I was there. I have a ton of catching up to do, but plan to get to it over the next few days.



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  1. We were in Paris some years a go and there was a cemetary not disimilar to the photo on Wiki. Now, reading Ron’s comment and some of the lit I read on Wiki, I know why.

    Great photo and link, Chris! (It seems we went the same route for this weeks PFF)

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