Photo Finish Friday

The “It’s a Small World” Edition.

Dude! I’m Zack!

Last week I had an afternoon/evening to explore New Orleans before I flew out the next morning. After a long day of strolling around, I found myself at a bar on Bourbon Street. Their happy hour features 3-for-1 beers, so I sat down and ordered up a triple shot of Abita Ambers while a zydeco band was rocking out about 10 feet away. Between songs, this kid seated next to me slid over and introduced himself as Zack. We shook hands; he said, “I’m not from here and don’t know anyone. I’m just passing through on a road trip!”

They card everyone, and during the same quiet interlude between songs the bartender handed back my license and said, “You people in Montana sure have long driver license numbers!”

That prompted the kid to get all excited and say, “You’re from Montana? No way! That’s where I’m headed?”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “I’m flying home to Missoula tomorrow; where are you going?”

“No WAY!” Zack said. He was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. “I’M going to Missoula!” That prompted a high five. “Wait a second; do you know of a band from Missoula called Volumen?”

“Of course I do,” I said. “I’ve known those guys for years.”

“Well, I’m going to visit my cousin, Kia. She’s married to one of the guys in that band.”

“Kia?! The singer for Sasshole?”

“Dude! Yes!”

Indeed, Kia is a friend I’ve known since the late 90s. Our bands have played together (I just saw her husband, Doug, aka Volumen 2, at the grocery store yesterday), we’ve talked about growing up out of the old rock days as parents, all that stuff. She came out and supported Julia during the Project Selvedge thing last year. When Zack told me who his cousin was, I was able to drop her a Facebook message on the spot, then Zack’s mom chimed in. All from a barstool in New Orleans. I thought it was pretty funny. And further proof that you never know whom you’ll run into out on the road!

Kia, rocking out, October 2001


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  1. I’m another one of those people who strike up conversations with strangers in public places. I hear a lot of great stories (and get the occasional political rant), but it’s always 6 or more degrees of separation. The closest I come to having friends in common with someone is on Facebook, and that’s just Mark Zuckerberg trying to suck me in again with false advertising.

  2. Great writeup man, it was fun to read! Exactly how it went down too…finally made it to missoula yesterday. Hopefully ill run into you somewhere up here!!!

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