Photo Finish Friday

Last weekend Julia and I were headed south on Highway 93 toward the St. Mary’s Peak trailhead. As we were driving, I heard the telltale SCREE! of a raptor and turned my head. This big bird was sitting atop a telephone pole being harassed by a tiny little bird. I flipped a u-turn and went back to take the picture.

The only thing I regret is I was shooting with an upgraded camera that my father-in-law sent me (thanks again, John!) that I hadn’t done much with at that point (cries of “RTFM!*” echo from the peanut gallery). Didn’t realize that the default setting I was using was actually set to the smallest picture size, so this picture isn’t as cool as it could have been. Still, I’m pretty happy with it. Eagles are one of those critters I can never see enough of.

Speaking of which, interesting article this week in the Missoula Independent about a multitude of hassles raptors are facing around here. It is pretty sobering, really. Such magnificent creatures these birds are. . . .


* RTFM = “Read The Fucking Manual”

7 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday”

  1. Gorgeous creatures for sure. we have a couple of pairs at one of the local parks here and see them on occassion. Never enough though. And it’s hard to get anything more than a distance shot of them.

  2. I saw my first bald eagle here in Maine and I was stunned by its beauty. No exaggeration as you know. I have a couple pics I will have to post one of these days.

    Anyway great shot, Chris.

  3. Are you sure we live in the same country? The only eagles I see are on the backs of leather jackets on street corners.

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