Photo Finish Friday

The Tools of the Trade Edition.

For the day job of which I don’t speak much, I spend copious hours inside manufacturing facilities of all kinds, all over the country, and I’m often taking notes. These little notebooks from Field Notes Brand are awesome for that. I can keep notes in them, keep track of processes I’ve tested, etc. They are small enough to fit perfectly into the breast pocket of my work shirt so that I’m not carrying around a bigger notebook (I used to use steno books primarily, but when the one I still have is full I’ll be doing Field Notes full time). Keeps the hands free, which is always important.

I’ve also been using pencils more than pens lately, though on the road I still keep my Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen handy, since it is the only weapon (besides myself, of course) that I can get through security without any fuss. I use my fancy pen for my actual longhand writing, but for work? Pencils, man.

I find pencils are less likely to be stolen off my desk. I also like them for aesthetic reasons. Hank Thoreau came from a family of pencil makers, you know. The one in the picture is from Draplin Design Co. They do the design work for Field Notes. They also have a lot of cool merch; besides pencils, I got a couple little coin purse things from them, a bottle opener, etc. Gonna order up a couple other things from them, including this awesome Ohio poster.

I like the whole blue collar vibe of this stuff; I’m a big fan of that aesthetic.

Photo Finish Friday is the brainchild of writer/blogger/world traveler Leah J. Utas.

8 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday

  1. Ron Scheer

    I like this. I’m trying to get my writing students to leave their laptops at home and their iPhones in their pockets, and to write in class with pen and paper. I tell them they need to learn how to single-task.

    1. chrislatray Post author

      Ron, that’s a good idea. I’ve read several articles recently how multi-tasking isn’t good for us. Anymore I try to avoid it whenever possible.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Our handyman asked me for a pencil sharpener last week and I realized we had none. What had my world come to that pencils are so absent from it.

    1. chrislatray Post author

      We still have an electric sharpener, as Julia uses colored pencils a lot when designing her clothes. I keep a couple of the small ones that you twist on the end of the pencil to sharpen. And the carpenter pencils I bought an put in my toolbox? I sharpen them old school with my Leatherman….

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