Photo Finish Friday

The “I’m All In!” Edition.

This is me (yeah, rocking the sweatpants too — easy ladies), Tebowing, in the wake of Denver’s third win in a row, this time against the hated “Yets,” as one of my literary idols, Charlie Stella, refers to them. I was totally hoping this guy would fail so my Broncos could move on, but he’s picking up momentum instead. Now, with a possible division championship in sight, which means at least one home game in the friggin’ playoffs (?!?), I am compelled to join the cheers of, “Te-BOW! Te-BOW! Te-BOW!”

Look, if the defense plays shutdown “D”, the running game can crush people like the Terrell Davis days, and Tebow can give the occasional 12 of 15, 15 of 20, maybe the occasional 25 of 40 passing games, this team could have a future.


But, probably not.

Finally, you people searching for “tim tebow naked” and landing on this blog? Keep looking. I’m not that big of a fan.


3 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday

  1. Charles Gramlich

    I was never a Tebow fan in particular, or paid that much attention to him until so many people started getting down on him. That got my root for the underdog mentality hackles rising and now I”m rooting solidly for him to prove everyone mistaken about him.

    1. Chris La Tray Post author

      I know what you mean. It’s hard for me to feel he is any kind of “underdog” sense with the guy . . . but the whole thing is just weird. I’m truly astounded by how big of a deal is made of him.


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