Photo Finish Friday

The Devil’s Head Edition

This is a rock formation called Devil’s Head, above Chimney Rock, not far from Asheville, NC. Chimney Rock is where they filmed a good chunk of The Last of the Mohicans, arguably my all-time favorite movie. Those are the Smoky Mountains in the background. I have a bunch more photos to sort through. I’ve been shooting a lot in RAW, but I need to learn how to process them. This little excursion provided plenty of opportunities for experimenting and practicing, now I just need to do it.


Photo Finish Friday is the brainchild of writer/blogger/world traveler Leah J. Utas.


3 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday”

  1. Beautiful. I love that area. Walking the Skyline-Cliff Trail you can’t help but hear the Last of the Mohicans theme playing. Wildcat Trap, the Opera Box, Devil’s Kitchen…damn, I love that place.

    1. I really love it too. I’d been there once before, almost exactly eight years ago. Since then it’s become a state park, and they closed off a number of areas that were previously accessible where the movie was shot. Also a couple were closed down for renovations (like the elevator, which I actually didn’t mind). But it was still magnificent, and there were still plenty of places where I took photos that I can vividly recall coming right out of the movie. The Smokies really are gorgeous.

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