Photo Finish Friday

The MVP Edition.

Our kickball season wrapped up last night with a victory on a very chilly fall night with a full moon smiling on our efforts, though we may still squeak into the playoffs (if we hadn’t had to forfeit one game due to only having 9 players, a game we WON ANYWAY, we’d be in *grumble, grumble, grumble*) next week. It was a blast; this kickball thing has been more fun than I ever imagined it would be. This picture is of our awe inspiring Captain Leah handing over the MVP trophy (Toxic Assets) to the mighty Stu, who made every game, was our lead off kicker, and all around swell guy. What a great group of people we play with.



Turns out we did make the playoffs! So that means we have at least one more game. Win that, and we play for an opportunity to win it all! Three more wins, people. Three more wins!


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