Photo Finish Friday

The Record Store Day Edition

Ventured out on Black Friday to see what was going on for Record Store Day at Ear Candy Music here in Missoula. The only one I knew about was the Black Keys record, which is what I was after (and got). Also scored a Tom Petty exclusive vinyl with seven live tracks on it. There was some other cool stuff, but some of it was pricier than I intended to spend. Still, good to see it going strong. I may pick up a couple more if they hang around for a couple weeks.



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2 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday”

    1. Yes, indeed. I LOVE actual records. What’s funky about this Black Keys record is that it’s also reverse-grooved. One puts the needle on the inside of the record, and it works its way to the outer edge. Those crazy hipster BK guys, I tell ya. . . .

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