Photo Finish Friday

From The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, by Sherman Alexie:

“Coyote, who is the creator of all of us, was sitting on his cloud the day after he created Indians. Now, he liked the Indians, liked what they were doing. This is good, he kept saying to himself. But he was bored. He thought and thought about what he should make next in the world. But he couldn’t think of anything so he decided to clip his toenails. … He looked around and around his cloud for somewhere to throw away his clippings. But he couldn’t find anywhere and he got mad. He started jumping up and down because he was so mad. Then he accidentally dropped his toenail clippings over the side of the cloud and they fell to the earth. The clippings burrowed into the ground like seeds and grew up to be white man. Coyote, he looked down at his newest creation and said, “Oh, shit.”

Author: Chris

Chris La Tray is a writer, a walker, and a photographer. He is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians and lives in Missoula, MT.

5 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday”

  1. Chris, howdy, howdy, it’s been way too long since I checked in with you! There was a ping back to the ol’ Broken Bullhorn from your blog post and it brought me to mind of coming to your blog so I could bookmark it again. Now have done.

    We’re still loving Portland, as you’ve seen on my blog (now we’re having the rough winter too. Let me know ow you’re doing, okay?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and it’s good to hear from you. I fell off the blog follow routing myself a while back. I need to do a better job following the old friends myself.

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