Photo Finish Friday

Blogger Leah J. Utas started this thing called Photo Finish Friday that some of my friends participate in. Ron does one. David usually does one. So I figured I’d contribute as well, because I like taking pictures and I like seeing pictures that other people take. So here’s my first offering — took this yesterday in my parents’ backyard when I was out there for Thanksgiving dinner.

With hunting season winding down, as long as this little guy stays in the vicinity he should survive through Sunday! Provided their yorkshire terrier, Emma, doesn’t get outside with a taste for venison, that is. . . .

5 thoughts on “Photo Finish Friday

  1. Ron Scheer

    >Handsome creature, and glad it was a camera you used to shoot it. Some, alas, must be taken for the dinner table, especially in these times of unemployment. But this one deserves a few more points on his rack before his time comes to start dodging hunters. Thanks for joining PFF.


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